KP’s House Party

Welcome to my new site! I have exciting news – this year I’m initiating a series of private concerts called “KP’s House Party” – the idea is that anyone can effectively act as producer and put me with any musicians they think I would find interesting to play with! We will meet up in YOUR house (for an invited audience of your choosing) for the first time on the evening of the show, and have an open forum in front of the audience. I ask them questions about themselves, they ask me questions, I tell lots of amusing and ribald tales from my life, and we make music – all done spontaneously, and (obviously) one time only! As I listen to all kinds of music, I would encourage people to put me in everything from duet settings to larger groups, with differently – styled musicians (blues, rock, pop, etc.), even musicians from different parts of the world (India, Russia, Cleveland, etc.). The challenge, and fun, for me will be to see what we can come up with on the spot in front of the selected audience members. For more info and details of my fee (yes, I have to get paid for this!), please contact me.

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